Hilltop Recreation Association Incorporated

Statement of Purposes:

  1. Develop and maintain a positive social culture, support healthy lifestyle outcomes, and promote participation in sport and recreational pursuits in a safe local community environment.

  2. Encourage communication and cooperation between local sporting and recreation clubs, various associations and the general community.

  3. Represent, advocate for and support the interests and needs of sports and recreation groups across the Hilltop community, including the management, preservation and improvement of local recreation facilities.

  4. Oversee and coordinate the management of the Olinda Community Recreation Facility.

  5. Develop relationships, collaborate and partner with Yarra Ranges Council, Parks Victoria, state and federal government departments, and other relevant stakeholders.

  6. Seek funding from local, state and federal authorities or other funding bodies to support Hilltop's purpose.

  7. Provide a forum for obtaining the views and inviting involvement from members of all clubs and the general community in providing local sport and recreation opportunities.